The Hospital Pharmacy is owned by Central Denmark Region.
We deliver medicine and other pharmacy products, as well as a range of additional services to all hospitals in the Central Denmark Region. The Hospital Pharmacy, which employs around 350 people, is divided into nine departments. The main department is located at Aarhus University Hospital.
The Hospital Pharmacy contributes to ensure optimal patient treatment by delivering drugs and knowledge of drugs to minimise drug-related errors and make administration of drugs more efficient at the clinical departments.
The main goal of the Hospital Pharmacy is to provide clinical departments with delivering drugs and optimal service and knowledge related to drugs to optimise patient treatment.

In addition to those services the department produces certain drugs, , cytotoxics and antibiotics ready for use. The pharmacy is a part of "Hospital Pharmacies in Denmark" producing and handling registered medicine and are networking of many other hospital pharmaceutical conditions.

There is a close co-operation between the pharmacy and the clinical departments about choice and use of drugs. Staff from the pharmacy take part in many committees to achieve a safe and optimal pharmaceutical treatment.

Pharmaconomist and pharmacy students are educated in the pharmacy, and in-service training is available to all staff. The pharmacy is a dynamic work place giving the employees excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.
The pharmacy participates in research and development projects locally and nationally.

Automatic dose dispensing of medicine