The Department of Day Surgery has been an independent department since 1 January 2015.

The department is focused on efficient and innovative high quality treatment and patient care. 

Treatments span from highly specialised to minor surgical procedures. Among these are cervical spine procedures, advanced urological procedures, laparoscopic hysterectomies and complex breast cancer procedures. 

Our patient mix include all age groups from infants to elderly and patients with severe co-morbidities. We aim to explore and challenge the limit for day surgery procedures in close collaboration with the other surgical departments and the patients. 

Currently, the Department of Day Surgery receives patients from 10 surgical specialities. We have 16 fully equipped operation rooms and treat 14,000 patients annually.

We have an efficient postoperative care unit with state of the art pain management procedures based on international standards, knowledge and expertise in peripheral nerve blocks.

The hospital has patient hotel facilities offering low-level care and observation for patients unable to go home directly after day surgery. 

The department participates in the education of healthcare staff, including a peripheral nerve block school for doctors undergoing specialist training in anaesthesiology. 

The department of Day Surgery at AarhusUniversityHospital is represented in Danish Society of Day Surgery (DSDK) and in the International Association of Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS).


Clinical treatments 

Surgical specialities in Department of Day Surgery 

  • Orthopaedic surgery: Arthroscopies, hand, foot, shoulder and tumour surgery
  • Urological surgery: Cancer of the urinary tract, prostate surgery, ureteric and bladder stone removal
  • Abdominal surgery: Cholecystectomies, anal procedures.
  • Plastic surgery: Breast cancer, reconstructive surgery.
  • Gynaecology: Hysterectomy and other laparoscopic procedures, hysteroscopies.
  • Neurosurgery: Cervical and lumbar disc herniation surgery.
  • ENT surgery: Thyroid gland, nose and throat procedures.
  • Odontology: Minor jaw surgery, dental extraction.
  • Dermatology: Laser treatment of haemangiomas, botox treatment of hyperhidrosis
  • Ophthalmology: Paediatric and adult surgery. 


  • Postoperative pain prophylaxis and treatment
  • Postoperative nausea and vomiting prophylaxis
  • Clinical anaesthetic pharmacology
  • Advanced airway management
  • Ultrasound-guided nerve bloks
  • Operation logistics