Molecular Diagnostics

The department provides molecular diagnostic services to clinicians at clinical departments
to support diagnosis in hereditary diseases.

All analyses are accredited by DANAC/ILAC ISO 15189 for medical examination.

Our range of analyses includes mutation screening in different cancer types, hereditary cardiac diseases including sudden cardiac death, endocrine and other disease.

In 2013, we implemented next-generation sequencing for patient diagnostics – a major breakthrough that will optimise patient management at the clinical departments.

Other molecular diagnostic methods include Sanger sequencing, MLPA, PCR, Realtime PCR, HRMA, and microarrays.

Nationally, we provide molecular analyses to the departments of clinical genetics in Aarhus, Vejle, Odense and Aalborg, The Department of Cardiology, The Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology at Aarhus University Hospital, general practitioners, The HNPCC Danish National Registry and others.

We deliver data to international customers within our standard range of analyses as well as within specialised analyses for identification of cell lines.

Please, find a list of analyses, clinical guidance and ordering information at