Retinal oxymetry with the oxygen saturation in retinal vessels indicated by colour in a healthy person.

The Department of Ophthalmology at Aarhus University Hospital, is a highly specialised department that offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of all ophthalmological diseases.

In collaboration with international partners, the department is involved in the development and implementation of new treatment modalities. Special focus areas are on new medical treatment of retinal disease and refractive surgery of the cornea and the lens.

The department has an active research environment with two professors and more than ten full-time researchers. The activities span from basic laboratory research over clinical intervention studies to epidemiological research. Special focus areas are retinal vascular disease, retinal imaging and function, corneal and lens refractive surgery, and cornea banking.

The department collaborates with international partners all over the world.
A close collaboration has been established with:
University of Iceland
University of Lincolnshire, UK
University of Salzburg, Austria
Oslo University, Norway
Harvard University, Schepens Eye Research Institute, Boston
The Ohio State University

Facts (2015)

Discharges: 774
Bed days: 51
Average length of stay: 0.1 days
Outpatient visits: 49,147