Foreigners without permanent residence in Denmark have the right to free emergency medical assistance at Aarhus University Hospital, if you are a foreigner on vacation in Denmark and is involved in an accident.
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In special cases Aarhus University Hospital also receives foreign patients for planned treatments – e.g. highly specialised treatment.

If you as a patient wish to be treated at Aarhus University Hospital, you must contact your own doctor. The doctor must make arrangements for you to be referred through the health authorities in your own country. The health authorites must approve the treatment using an S2 form. If you obtain approval from the health authorities you have the right to receive free planned treatment in Denmark if you are an EU/EEA citizen.

The health authorities in some countries have made an agreement with Aarhus University Hospital to send patients for treatment in Denmark. Karolinska University Hospital has a standing appointment with Aarhus University Hospital to send patients for ECMO treatment at the hospital.