Thais Lins Pedersen, Departments of Cardiology and Research Unit at the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery:

”I was interested in the highly specialised treatment offered at Aarhus University Hospital”.

The 35-year-old Brazilian cardiologist registrar Thais Lins Pedersen came to Aarhus University Hospital in 2005 because the hospital offered possibilities to work with highly specialised treatment in the field of cardiology.
- The hospital is wellknown internationally within the fields of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, says Thais.

In the time she has spent at Aarhus University Hospital, she has worked both as clinician and researcher within cardiology with special focus on adults with cardiac malformations. In 2011, she defended a PhD on aortic coarctation.

But despite having worked uninterruptedly in Danish hospitals for eight years, her application for permanent residence in Denmark was denied in 2011. A firm intervention by Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University made the Danish Immigration Service change its mind.

- It meant a lot to me that the hospital and the university wanted to fight my battle. I felt appreciated as a person, a colleague, and an employee.

At Aarhus University Hospital, Thais has always felt she has been treated well.

- I was exceptionally welcomed when I started working at the hospital. I have always been considered an equal and received the same assignments as my Danish colleagues. No special efforts were made to integrate me, as I never considered it necessary. We have a responsibility ourselves to become part of the new team when moving to a different country.

Thais will soon travel to Brazil for five months for a cardiology fellowship at Brazilian’s largest public children’s hospital.

- In Denmark, I have worked with congenital heart disease in adults, and I hope to exchange experiences with colleagues who are experts in congenital heart disease in children. In this way, we learn from their high patient volume and expertise with children, and they learn from the Danish experience with the adult group.