The Centre for Congenital Heart Disease at Aarhus University Hospital provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment of congenital heart disease in all ages from early foetal imaging and safe delivery of children with congental heart disease to advanced cardiac catherisations and surgery in both children and adults.

The centre is well known for its high quality, innovative care, research and education.

Care of patients with congenital heart disease includes cardiac catheterisations, advanced imaging including CT, MRI and advanced echocardiography. The cardiac surgery team consists of surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and intensive care staff fully dedicated to treat congenital heart disease and other rare conditions such as aortic root surgery and valve repairs.

The centre conducts a wide variety of both experimental and clinical research. The experimental research areas include pulmonary hypertension, ischaemic preconditioning, and myocardial function. Clinical research areas include congenital heart disease, aortic disease and genetics.

The centre enjoys collaborations with international centres worldwide.