Congenital heart disease is present in one out of a thousand newborns.  More than 20,000 Danes have a congenital heart disease. With the proper treatment,patients can live many years.Research aims at improving survival, function and quality of life for congenital heart patients. 

Registry studies based on the well-known Danish patient registries are used to gather information about quality and expected outcome of  treatments. Basic science and laboratory work is performed to clarify underlying mechanisms for morphology and pathology. Imaging techniques such as CT and MRI during rest and physical activity and studies on exercise capacity and cardiopulmonary function are used to investigate anatomy, functional capacity and pathology as well as the impact of surgical treatment.

The research group has a long lasting collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, NHS in London, UK and Sick Kids, Toronto , Canada with exchange of visiting professors, PhD students and research fellows.

Since 2004 this focused research resulted in 5 PhD thesis, 5 diploma thesis, one permanent professorship (chair) and three visiting professors (London, Birmingham, Toronto) and several ongoing projects.