Our research group at the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery has established an international well-recognized profile for experimental and translational research in valvular heart disease. We have pioneered a number of clinical experimental models for investigations of heart valve disease and therapy and have become a reference centrer for biomechanical assessment of new cardiac devices. We have developed new cardiac therapeutic interventions, such as surgical procedures and devices (catheter-based valve implants, valve prostheses, annuloplasty rings etc), which have demonstrated direct therapeutic implications in clinical practice. We have a strong international network on heart valve biomechanics with high-profile institutions such as Stanford University School of Medicine, Harvard University School of Medicine, Georgia Institute of Technology, Leipzig Heart Center, Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Harefield Heart Science Centre. The research group has participated in and acted as principal investigators for several national and international multicenter trials for evaluating new surgical solutions for heart valve disease such as catheter-based aortic and mitral interventions and reconstructive surgery for mitral valve disease.

Since 1989 this focused research strategy has resulted in five doctoral theses, 12 PhD projects, and several diploma theses and scientific publications in high- ranking journals.