The Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Aarhus University Hospital is internationally renowned and highly specialised in the measurement of circulating biomarkers. The department is dynamic, innovative and dedicated to excellence within the field of clinical biochemistry, haematology and coagulation disorders (see Specialised Functions).

The department has moved to new premises, thereby, merging specialised functions from three major hospital units within Aarhus University Hospital. This will secure optimal conditions for the future of clinical biochemistry in the Central Denmark Region.

The department has a long-standing research interest in biomarker discovery and validation within a broad range of clinical fields. We participate in international research networks and collaborate with a number of specialised departments at Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University. We also run a core facility for biochemical research support.

The department participates in education of medical students, master- and PhD students, biomedical laboratory scientists and in postgraduate specialist education of clinical biochemists.

Revised: 14 September 2021