The Department of Clinical Biochemistry is headed by the Department Management (Head Consultant and Head Biomedical Laboratory Scientist), who has the overall legal liability, budget responsibility, and responsibility for compliance with required activity- and quality goals set by the Hospital Management.

The management adheres to the positions and values set out in the Hospital Management Foundation "dialogue, competence, boldness". The Department Management is working in close cooperation with the Department Research Management (responsible to the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University).

The department has approximately 350 staff members (medical doctors, biochemists, biomedical laboratory scientists, nurses, secretaries, lab technicians, IT specialists, and a quality manager) and is organised in a section/staff structure.

The sections perform analytical work within a defined field, headed by a management group of a specialist doctor, a biochemist, and a biomedical laboratory scientist. A number of employees perform cross-disciplinary tasks such as quality management, working environment, education, IT, and administration

Revised: 14 September 2021