Our research group is focusing on the role of macrophages in inflammation, and in particular the use of macrophage biomarkers in disease. Our main research goal is to translate new discoveries from the biochemical level into clinical use (diagnostic assays, therapeutic targets). 

The research group is interdisciplinary with a mix of PhD students, master students and biomedical laboratory scientists from Health and Science and Technology, Aarhus University. The group has a wide range of national and international collaborators and we hold grants from The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (TRAIN, DETECT).

 Currently, our main projects are:

  • The macrophage biomarker sCD163 in inflammatory diseases. Concept development and assay standardisation (also see Clinical Functions, Inflammation and Macrophage Markers). Holger Jon Møller.
  • Targeting bioactive nanoparticle-encapsulated 1,25 D3 vitamin to macrophages in vitro and in vivo for anti-inflammatory therapy. PhD student Aisha Rafique.
  • The macrophage biomarker sMR in sepsis and liver disease. PhD student Sidsel Rødgaard Hansen.
  • Innate Immunity in Multiple Myeloma: Macrophage Involvement in Angiogenesis and Therapy Resistance - Novel Targets for Tailored Therapy. PhD student Morten Nørgaard Andersen.
  • Molecular macrophage biomarkers – improved diagnostics of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. PhD student Marlene Nielsen.
  • Development and validation of methods for measuring biomarkers and drugs using DNA-strand displacement competition reaction. PhD student Kailash Rani.

Further information:
Please contact professor, MD, PhD, DMSc Holger Jon Møller: holgmoel@rm.dk Tel: +45 4046 5958 / 3120 2201.

Revised: 5 April 2017