Christian Erikstrup, Chief Physician, Associate Professor, MD, PhD
Phone: +45 7845 5005

Mikkel Steen Petersen, PhD, Molecular Biologist
Phone: +45 7845 5017


The Danish Blood Donor Study is a cohort and bio-bank study building on the voluntary participation af more than 110,000 blood donors. The aim of the study is to find out why blood donors are healthier than the average population but also to create a national research platform for the study of generic research questions within immuno-epidemiology ans to identify new bio-markers of disease.

Danish blood donors have helped treat patients for the last eight decades. This initiative will broaden the donor gift to include active participation in health science.

The Danish Blood Donor Study is a national multicenter study and all the five blood centres in Denmark participate. The Danish blood banks have well-trained and highly motivated personel that register, recruit and collect blood from donors on a daily base. This infrastructure is used in the study as a platform for inviting blood donors to participate, to collect data, and to drive the bio-bank.

The first studies have been published and several senior researchers, PhD students and research assistants use data from the study. In 2014, results from the study were communicated in the oral presentations at various international conferences. 


The study has been approved by the Central Denmark Region Committee on Biomedical Research Ethics and the Danish Data Protection Agency. 


Revised: 18 April 2018