Field & aims

We cover the fields of clinical substrate metabolism and hormone secretion and action in healthy subjects and in patients with diabetes and a wide variety of other endocrine diseases. We have a particular interest in metabolic hormones and investigate their effects on carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. As outlined below, we measure circulating and interstitial levels of metabolites and hormones, use dilution techniques to assess turnover rates and exploit a/v techniques and muscle and fat biopsies to analyze regional metabolism and tissue signalling mechanisms. We have broad cooperation with national and internationally acknowledged metabolic centers.

Core methodology

Hormone assays: Catecholamines, IGFs, free IGFs, binding proteins, IGF-receptor bioactivity, GH, GH-V, GH-BP, Ghrelin, TSH & thyroid hormones, albumin, Somatostatin, Octreotide, Free Octreotide, insulin, pro-insulin, C-peptide, leptin, Prolactin, Estradiol, Progesterone, Cortisol, Testosteron, Sex Hormone BP, Thyreoglobulin, a-subunit, LH, FSH, TPO antibodies, Glucagon, Adiponectin, MBL.

Metabolites: Glucose, 3-ortometylglucose, phenylalanine, tyrosine(GCMS), amino acids(HPLC), FFA, palmitate(HPLC), oleate(HPLC), chylomicron-triglycerides, VLDL1 and VLDL2-triglycerides, Apo B-48, Apo B-100, total-, LDL-, and HDL-cholesterol.

Clamptechniques: Glucose clamps (eu-, hypo- & hyper-), hormone clamps (somatostatin), FFA clamps (nicotinic acid derivatives – acipimox) – for assessment of hormone sensitivity (in particular insulin).

Indirect calorimetry: Deltatrac monitors – for assessment of energy expenditure, glucose, lipid and protein oxidation.

Microdialysis: Glycerol(and lactate, glucose, urea) – for assessment of regional lipolysis.

Muscle & fat biopsies: Growth hormone signalling, protein metabolic signals, Glut 4(& translocation), insulin signalling, adipose triglyceride lipase (including modulators), lipoprotein lipase activity, hormone sensitive lipase, CD-36, ACC, ACS, DGAT-1, fat cell size.

Arterio-venous techniques: Forearm, leg, heart (and splanchnic bed) – blood flow by plethysmography, thermodilution or dye dilution(cardiogreen) – for assessment of regional (muscle) metabolism.

Dilution: 3H-glucose, 3H-palmitate, 3H- and 14C-VLDL-triglycerides,  2H-phenylalanine&tyrosine, 15N-tyrosine, 13C-leucine,  13C-urea (GCMS) – for assessment of whole body and regional turnover.



Niels Møller, Professor, MD, DMSci, 
Søren Nielsen, MD, DMSci,