Multidimensional Prognostic Index (MPI) is a systematic tool based on the CGA framework

Bedside frailty assessment by MPI

The aim was to examine the predictive value of bedside MPI on unplanned hospital readmission in geriatric patients.

Contact: Merete Gregersen

Publication: Gregersen M, Hansen TK, Jørgensen BB, Damsgaard EM. Frailty is associated with hospital readmission in geriatric patients: a prognostic study. European Geriatric Medicine. 2020;11(5):783–792.

Record-based frailty assessment by MPI

The aims were to examine

  • the reproducibility and diagnostic accuracy of a comprehensive frailty assessment method based solely on the older medical inpatient’s electronic medical record
  • the predictive value of the record-based MPI in terms of mortality, readmission and length of hospital stay

Contact: Troels Kjærskov Hansen

Publication: Hansen TK, Damsgaard EM, Shahla S, Bruun JM, Gregersen M. A reliable and record-based frailty assessment method for older medical inpatients. European Geriatric Medicine. 2020;11(5):803-812. 

Publication: Hansen TK, Shahla S, Damsgaard EM, Bossen SRL, Bruun JM, Gregersen M. Mortality and readmission risk can be predicted by the record-based Multidimensional Prognostic Index: a cohort study of medical inpatients older than 75 years. European Geriatric Medicine. 2021

Geriatricians clinical judgement of risk of unplanned readmissions

The aims are to evaluate whether physicians' and geriatricians' clinical judgement

  • on patients' readmission risk can predict unplanned readmission in older geriatric patients
  • can identify the geriatric patients who benefit from early hospital follow-up visits after hospital discharge

Contact: Jonas Ring Agerholm