The overall purposes are to increase the number of multimorbid older patient with cancer accomplishing planned cancer treatment and to improve their quality of life.

We aimed to 

  • examine the suitability of an organization with an oncogeriatric team to a whole region of Denmark
  • estimate the number of frail elderly cancer patients, their comorbidity and medication problems as well as their interest in participating in Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) at the start of the oncological treatment
  • develop and test an organzation of clinical tailor-made interventions based on CGA to frail, multimorbid, older cancer patients in order to reduce complications to cancer treatment, improve quality of life, keep physical functional level as high as possible as long as possible, and reduce 90-days mortality

Collaborator: The Department of Oncology

Publication: Ørum M, Eriksen SV, Gregersen M, Jensen AR, Jensen K, Meldgaard P, Damsgaard EM. The impact of a tailored follow-up intervention on comprehensive geriatric assessment in older patients with cancer - a randomised controlled trial. Journal of Geriatric Oncology. 2021 jan;12(1):41-48.