Telerehabilitation in older geriatric patient after discharge

The aims of this study are to

  • examine if telerehabilitation conducted via a real-time video conference system is feasible in geriatric patients just discharged from a geriatric department
  • investigate the association between computer usage and state of frailty, age, sex, educational level, social status and housing in geriatric patients
  • describe the geriatric patients' familiarity with technology, computer confidence, and incentives for engaging with computer technology

Contact: Bodil Bæksted Jørgensen

Publication: Jørgensen BB, Gregersen M, Pallesen SH, Damsgaard EM. A group‑based real‑time videoconferencing telerehabilitation programme in recently discharged geriatric patients: a feasibility
study. European Geriatric Medicine. 2021