Ole Lajord Munk & Lars Poulsen Tolbod, September 2020

The department’s portfolio of PET-scanners includes a total of five PET/CT scanners, three Siemens Biograph Vision 600 scanners, one GE Discovery MI-5 scanner and one GE Discovery MI Digital-Ready. The Vision and MI-5 scanners have PET detectors based on silicon photomultiplier technology.

The three scanners from Siemens Healthcare are equipped with 128 slice CT and were installed during 2018-2019. These scanners include a PET detector with 26 cm axial field-of-view and software for multi-parametric imaging.

The two scanners from GE Healthcare are equipped with 128 slice CT and were installed in 2019 (MI-5) and 2017 (MI-DR). The Discovery MI-5 include a PET detector with 25 cm axial field-of-view. The MI-DR scanner include a PET detector with 16 cm axial field-of-view and is used for examinations of single organs, such as heart and brain.

The Siemens Biograph Vision 600 scanners + GE Discovery MI-5 are mainly used for oncological whole-body PET examinations and are equipped with software to correct for respiratory motion for optimal tumor detection.

All PET/CT scanners have time-of-flight PET subsystems and can acquire PET-data in list-mode, giving ultimate flexibility to process data for dynamic studies or to correct for movement using respiratory or ECG gating. The software includes a number of processing options as well as reconstruction algorithms like FBP, OSEM, and OSEM with point spread modelling (PSF). In addition, GE MI-DR and GE MI-5 have a Bayesian Penalized Likelihood reconstruction algorithm (Q.Clear).

PET CT skanner.jpeg

Revised: 25 September 2020