Søren Baarsgaard Hansen, April 2017

For production of short-lived PET radionuclides, the department operates two medium-sized cyclotrons, a PETtrace 200 from GE Healthcare and a Cyclone 18/18 from IBA Radiopharma Solutions.
The PETtrace cyclotron was installed as part of the inauguration of the PET-center in Aarhus in 1993, and has later been upgraded with new targets and electronic subsystems in connection with movement to the present location in 2010. The machine is equipped with six targets, and the acceleration system can deliver beams of protons and deuterons at energies 16.5 and 8.4 MeV, respectively.
The Cyclone 18/18 cyclotron installed in 2008 is equipped with eight targets and is capable of delivering protons at an energy of 18 MeV.
The cyclotrons are used routinely for production of the radionuclides 11C, 13N, 15O and 18F, of which several can be delivered in various chemical forms. Both cyclotrons are installed in concrete bunkers including separate maze entrances.