Søren Baarsgaard Hansen, March 2017.

The departments portfolio of PET-scanners includes a total of five hybrid PET/CT scanners, three Biograph Truepoint scanners from Siemens Healthcare, one Discovery 690 scanner and one Discovery MI Digital-Ready both from GE Healthcare. The three systems from Siemens are equipped with either 40 or 64 slice CT and were installed at the main PET facility at Nørrebrogade during 2007-2009. These scanners all include a PET detector with an extended 21 cm axial field-of-view (TrueV), which improves the sensitivity substantially compared to the base configuration.
The scanners from GE Healthcare, installed at our Skejby section in 2009 and 2017, includes either 64 slice CT or 128 slice CT and a time-of-flight PET subsystem. The Discovery MI Digital-Ready is equipped with a state-of-the art CT scanner with newest low-noise detector technology (GE Clarity) and iterative CT reconstruction (ASIR-v) allowing substantial dose reductions.
All PET/CT scanners can acquire PET-data in list-mode, giving ultimate flexibility to process data for dynamic studies or to correct for movement using respiratory or ECG gating. The software includes a number of processing options as well as reconstruction algorithms like FBP, OSEM, and OSEM with point spread modelling (PSF). In addition, the Discovery MI Digital-Ready has a Bayesian Penalized Likelihood reconstruction algorithm (Q.Clear) for improved image quality and quantification.