Søren Baarsgaard Hansen, September 2020 

In 2019 a GE Signa hybrid PET/MR scanner was installed in the department. Compared to the combined PET/CT scanners, the MR part of the system offers anatomical imaging with improved soft-tissue contrast as well as imaging of various functional parameters. The system is equipped with extensive accessories and software packages allowing numerous variants of MR imaging including diffusion imaging, DTI, BOLD, proton spectroscopy, quantification of fat fraction, and MR-elastography. The PET subsystem is a modern silicon photomultiplier based detector technology with time-of-flight (TOF) capability and an 25 cm axial field of view. PET data acquisition takes place in list-mode, and data processing includes various types of MR based attenuation correction and a number of reconstruction algorithms like VUE Point HD/FX and Q.Clear.

PET MR.jpeg

Photo: Tonny Foghmar