Aage Kristian Alstrup Olsen, May 2017

While pigs can be scanned in human PET-CT scanners, we use a dedicated microPET-MRI scanner for mice and rats. The rodents (and other small animals) can be scanned in microPET-MRI scanner (nanoScan®PM PET-MRI system) or a microMRI scanner (Bruker Biospec 9.4T animal system). The large animals can be scanned in one of three clinical PET-CT scanners (Siemens Biograph 64 Truepoint PET/CT), a HRRT scanner (High Resolution Research Tomograph Scanner from CPS Innovations) or a research MRI scanner.

During PET scans it is possible to sample series of arterial blood for metabolic analysis or establishment of the time-activity curves, useful for kinetic modelling of the tracer kinetic.