Peter Frøhlich Staanum, April 2017

The department operates three SPECT-CT scanners: Two Siemens Symbia T16 and one GE Discovery NM/CT 670.

The GE scanner was installed in 2011 and has low-energy and medium-energy collimators available for imaging of all common diagnostic isotopes (e.g. Tc-99m, In-111, I-123). The two Siemens scanners were installed in 2011-12 and can be equipped with low-energy, medium-energy or high-energy collimators for diagnostic imaging as well as post-radionuclide therapy imaging (I-131, Y-90, Lu-177). All scanners have a 16-slice CT scanner and contrast-enhanced diagnostic CT scans can be performed.

SPECT reconstructions can be performed by the proprietary reconstruction software Flash3D (Siemens) or Evolution (GE). In addition, reconstructions can be done on the vendor-independent Hermes platform using Hermes Hybrid Recon. In all cases a number of standard options are available, e.g. FBP and OSEM reconstructions with attenuation correction, scatter correction as well as point-spread-function correction.