Aage Kristian Olsen Alstrup, May 2017

We have separate surgical facilities for small and large animals. For the rodents we have two surgical rooms and a perfusion fixation room. The surgical rooms are used for preparation of animals for imaging studies, but we also have equipment for major surgery procedures, such as implantation of electrodes into the brain or ligation of bile ducts in research of chronic liver diseases.
For the large animals we have preparation room, two surgical rooms and a perfusion fixation room for post mortem examinations. These two surgical rooms can both be used for preparation of animals prior to imaging studies or used for major surgical procedures. Furthermore,  we have access to three surgical rooms at our animal farm (one of them is classified for use for working with living virus and bacteria) for surgery on pigs and other large animals. All surgical procedures on pigs not involving imaging, are performed at the farm. All procedure rooms at the farm  and at our department, have gas outlets for inhalation anaesthesia.