Sending synopsis

The first step to do research at the NUK-PET facility is to send a synopsis

The Research Council meets every 2nd month to review and approve or reject synopses sent to the department. 

Techniques and methods

Prior to applying to the Ethics Committee (Videnskabsetisk Komité), radiophysics and radiochemistry needs to be approved by the responsible physisist and chemist. 
This in order to plan/secure:

  • what tracers will be used
  • that the used tracers are approved
  • that the protocol complies with Danish radioation rules 
  • that the scanning procedure and dataprocessing is appropriate for the purpose of the study

Preparing contract

In order to prepare a contract the following documents are required:

  • Reseach protocol
  • Layman protocol
  • Patient information and signed concent forms
  • Copies of approvals from VEK and other relevant authorities
  • If the procect is following GCP standards, a copy of the approval from the GCP department i required.

Applying to the Ethics Committee

(Videnskabsetiske Komiteer for Region Midt)

Registration in clinical databases

  • Datatilsynet, Regionen

A NUK-PET scientist will be assigned as contact when all relevant applications are approved.

Research Council