In cooperation with other relevant specialities the department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery treats patients with acute and chronic infections, conditions and complications of the head and neck. Furthermore, benign and malignant tumours, trauma, congenital disorders and neurological diseases including cranial nerve damage?, especially dizziness and hearing loss.

The department (Centre for Cochlear Implantation of Western Denmark) performs a highly specialized treatment with cochlear implants. Moreover, the department performs endoscopic diagnostics and treatment of diseases in the larynx, trachea, bronchi, oesophagus and the chest cavity.

The department performs highly specialized functions including special benign tumours of the nasal cavity, the pharynx space, treatment of bone anchored facial prostheses, congenital and acquired special conditions in the outer ear, the ear canal and middle ear and similarly for patients with deformity of the nose.

In cooperation with the Department of Oncology, the department performs highly specialized functions and treats malignant tumours of the larynx, mouth, lips, throat, salivary glands, nose and sinuses, thyroid, ear canal and middle ear.

The department treats acute disorders and patients referred to scheduled examination and treatment.