The Section of Neuroradiology works closely with researchers and clinicians from the clinical departments at Aarhus University Hospital and our aim is to improve patient management.

We have a longstanding, fruitful research collaboration with Department of Neurology, especially within acute stroke management. This field has developed rapidly over the past decade, driven partly by innovations within MR-based stroke diagnosis and interventional radiology (thrombectomy) in the context of Aarhus Stroke Center, an inter-departmental collaboration regarding patients with cerebrovascular disease. We also maintain strong collaborations with neurosurgeons, oncologists, and nuclear medicine specialists within advanced methods for non-invasive tumor grading, treatment trials, and presurgical planning for brain surgery and deep brain stimulation.

We collaborate closely with researchers from the Neuroradiology Research Unit and CFIN, both on testing the clinical utility of techniques developed or implemented by their researchers, and on optimization of the quality of our clinical examinations based on their method expertise.

The Neuroradiology Research Committee comprises physicians, physicists and radiographers from the Section of Neuroradiology as well as the Neuroradiology Research Unit and serves as a forum for knowledge exchange and optimization of research methods and protocols during the planning of research projects with our collaborators in clinical practice.

Currently, cerebral small vessel disease (CVD) is a special research focus at the Section of Neuroradiology, sparked by our finding that white matter hyperintensities (WMH) seemingly disrupt critical brain circuitry in patients with risk factors. This work is a collaborative effort with basic researchers at the Neuroradiology Research Unit and clinical researches from Department of Neurology.


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Leif Østergaard,