Hypertension research is conducted through the Blood Pressure Clinic - a center structure involving the departments of cardiology, nephrology and endocrinology.


Selected current research projects

  • Instrumental treatment of hypertension (renal denervation, sympathectomy, renal artery stenting etc.) - DAN-PTRA, TOSS, ReSET
  • Diagnostic improvements (evaluation of new technologies, optimizing current techonologies, exploring new hypertension related parameters (central BP, pulse pressure etc)
  • Effects of antihypertensive treatment (new and current) on vascular structure and tissue perfusion / oxygenation (e.g. kidney).
  • Postponing aortic valve replacement by unloading the heart by intensified antihypertensive therapy (BP-AVALVE).



In addition to various blood pressure measurement technologies, tonometry for measurements of pulse wave velocity and central aortic pressure, and venous occlusion plethysmography for measurements of forearm blood flow, an array of methods are available at the Magnetic Resonance Research Centre, where animal experiments contribute to development of new methods. Blood flow and deoxygenation status as well as metabolic cellular changes as evaluated by hyperpolarisation of MR tracers are available.

Assays for analysis of various biomarkers associated with vascular disease or chronic kidney disease are measured at the research laboratory at Department of Renal Medicine.


Main collaborators


Ongoing studies