The Lung Cancer Out Patient Clinic (LUCA) is a highly specialised
department for state-of-the-art investigation of patients with a suspected thoracic malignancy.
In a dynamic out-patient setting our dedicated staff diagnose and refer patients to oncological or surgical treatment within 28 days from referral in accordance with to national standards.

Diagnostic procedures span from non-invasive imaging such as CT and PET-CT to highly advanced invasive endoscopic ultrasound investi¬gations, EBUS and EUS; patients are referred from the whole region for these types of examinations. Transthoracic, abdominal and bone needle aspirations are performed by highly specialised invasive radiologists.

Treatment decisions for the individual patient is made at the multi-disciplinary team lung conference held twice weekly with participation of specialists in pulmonary medicine, oncology, thoracic surgery, thoracic radiology, nuclear medicine and pathology. Regional hospitals participate via video-link for discussion of patients.

RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) treatment of patients with malignant lung nodule(s) not found suitable for surgery is performed at the Department of Radiology with subsequent observation and treatment in our in-patient department.