We have approximately 27000 visits per year in our respiratory out-patient clinic. The clinic receives patients from the city of Aarhus (350,000 citizens) with common respiratory diseases; from the Central Denmark Region  (1.2 mio inhabitants) we receive more complicated cases  due to our highly specialised functions in respiratory medicine. 

The most common conditions and diseases examined and treated are: dyspnea, cough, COPD, tuberculosis, aspergillosis and other infectious pulmonary diseases.

COPD patients are by far the biggest group. We have developed an acute COPD clinic with the possibility of day-to-day consultations and evaluate patients referred from general practitioners and other departments in the hospital. One of the goals is to prevent COPD patients from being admitted to hospital. The most severely ill COPD patients are invited to participate in our pulmonary rehabilitation programme.

The Department of Respiratory Diseases and Allergy has a unit for diagnosing, treatment and contact tracing of tuberculosis and atypical mycobacteriosis. The unit is the major part of Danish TB Centre West and is responsible for managing all aspects of tuberculosis in the region. Furthermore, an important part of the services at the ward and out-patientclinic is the diagnostic proceduces of pulmonary infections like aspergillosis and opportunistic pathogens. The t-spot test and development of other diagnostic tests are important for clinical work.
The research in the area of pulmonary infections comprises: Clinical epidemiological features of tuberculosis in Denmark, diagnostic tests of tuberculosis based on Elispot , flowcytometry, smear and PCR. Diagnosis of fungal infections and treatment by e.g. inhalation therapy and treatment of other rare infections.