Research in various aspects of COPD is performed in collaboration with the departments of: psychology, healthcare technology, public health, advance care planning (involving numerous departments), the pharmaceutical industry as well as projects of our own.

Among current studies are:

  • A dissertation  on the epidemiological and socioeconomic aspects of COPD in Denmark (will finish in 2014).
  • Early detection of COPD (abstract at ERS 2014 – one of two articles is in progress).
  • COPD and pneumonia (abstract at ERS 2014 – article in progress).
  • Mortality and comorbidity of COPD (one of two articles is in progress).
  • COPD and depression (one of two articles is in progress).
  • COPD and Psychiatric illness (results ready – one of three articles is in progress).
  • COPD and sexuality (will start spring 2014).
  • COPD and smoking cessation (planned to take place in 2015-2016).


Collaboration studies:

  • Optimizing training in COPD (will start spring 2014).
  • Performance enhancement in COPD using Nitrate (will finish summer 2014).
  • Training the lungs (will start spring 2014).
  • The effect of offering free lung function test (PhD to start in  2014).
  • Mindfulness as add-on to rehabilitation (PhD. started winter 2014).
  • Palliation in COPD and lung fibrosis (PhD x 2, started winter 2014).
  • Research in COPD initiated by pharmaceutical companies is also carried out.



Anders Løkke, MD, Consultant, Associate Professor, Specialist in Respiratory Medicine,