The main topics within this field of research cover various aspects of ischemia/reperfusion injuries of the liver and aspects of liver regeneration. Different aspects of ischemia/reperfusion injuries, among other effects on metabolism and gene expression, have been and are still investigated in animal models. Methods to minimize ischemia/reperfusion injuries of the liver such as pre- and postconditioning have also been and are currently investigated. Furthermore, various aspects of liver regeneration is also an ongoing field of investigation. Effects of different chemotherapy regimens on liver regeneration in animal models are being investigated. Several clinical studies are in progress.

We participate in an international multicenter study investigating the results of combined radiofrequency ablation and liver resection in patients with colorectal liver metastases. A study is planned in collaboration with the Department of Oncology and the Department of Radiology at Aarhus University Hospital to investigate effects of combined intraarterial and systemic chemotherapy on primary non-resectable colorectal liver metastases, to see how many patients are candidates for surgery or radiofrequency ablation, respectively.


Frank V. Mortensen, Professor, Department Chair, MD, DMSci, Tel. +45 2251 7296
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