(Colorectal section)

The Anal Physiology Clinic has a long standing tradition of focusing on quality of life and functional consequences of cancer treatment Thaysen HV et al 2012Lundby L et al 2005. Postoperative radiotherapy has a significant negative impact on anorectal function and patient symptomatology. Recently, functional consequences to oncological as well as surgical treatment of anal cancer have been documented Sunesen KG et al 2009. Ongoing studies explore the impact of oncological treatment for prostatic cancer on bowel function. Special priority is dedicated to research on Low Anterior Resection Syndrome following surgical and oncological treatment for rectal cancer Emmertsen KJ and Laurberg S 2009. Large epidemiological studies have documented the frequency of Low Anterior Resection Syndrome and the extent of the impact on quality of life. This has led to development of a simple scoring tool for assessment of Low Anterior Resection Syndrome, the LARS score Emmertsen KJ And Laurberg S 2012. The LARS score has been validated internationally and is implemented in both clinical practice and research Juul T et al 2013. The pathophysiology of Low Anterior Resection Syndrome has been intensively explored by the advanced technology in the Anal Physiological Clinic Bregendahl et al 2013 and clinical trials are presently conducted to explore patient selection to minimally invasive treatment and to document the efficacy of these treatment options. Currently, other late sequelae, such as urinary and sexual problems, following rectal cancer treatment are being investigated.


Søren Laurberg, Professor, Consultant Surgeon, DMSci, soerlaur@rm.dk
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Therese Juul, Clinical Nurse Specialist, MHSc, PhD, therjuul@rm.dk
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