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Professor Brita Singers Sørensen was present for the ESTRO 2021 conference in Madrid to receive an award for the best submitted abstract on her research in ultra-high-dose-rate radiotherapy.

Brita Singers Sørensen, Novo Nordisk Foundation professor at the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy and the Department of Clinical Oncology at Aarhus University Hospital, was awarded the Donal Hollywood prize for best submitted abstract at ESTRO2021. The abstract presented her research on the biological aspects and effects of FLASH radiotherapy dose rates.

In a newly published ESTRO newsletter, Brita Singers Sørensen gives a brief overview on current FLASH results:

- […] We need to supply all the data that shows that it's really a big thing, as it is predicted to be. And for that, we need to systematically look at the normal tissue changes […]

I want to acknowledge the group that has been working on these studies, and emphasise that there are a lot of good studies on FLASH ‑ we're just adding to the pool of data, Brita Singers Sørensen says to Anthony Chalmers, chair of Clinical Oncology at the Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK.

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