Rum og kunst.png

Photo from the book 'Rum og Kunst' showing the arrival and reception area of DCPT.


Designing the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy was a careful process with many engaged partners. A new book publication provides perspectives on how the interplay between architecture, interior and art at DCPT creates the best conditions for patients and staff alike.

The author of the book is Ib Hessov, a former Consultant surgeon from Aarhus, who has been committed to decorating with artworks at hospital departments for years. Ib Hessov is chairing the art committee at Aarhus University Hospital.

The book includes several details and photographs from inside the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy, highlighting how form and functionality comes together on the basis of a collaborative effort and careful planning. 

Perspectives from patients and their relatives underline how the surroundings create a pleasant and safe atmosphere, and the book also emphasises how the physical surroundings make up optimal working conditions for staff members to carry out the advanced treatment and treatment related tasks.

The book entitled 'Rum og Kunst – En vision blev til virkelighed' is published March 18 by the publishing house in Danish.