BiGART2021 nyhed.png

Acta Oncologica and DCCC Radiotherapy presents the virtual BiGART2021 symposium.


Mark the date for October 6 and join the virtual Acta Oncologica symposium on Biology-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy with oral presentations and live discussions.

Physicians, physicists, radiobiologists and other scientists within the field are invited to join the one-day virtual event that includes invited presentations and proffered papers.  

Abstracts are invited from the following key topics:

  • Radiobiology
  • Particle therapy 
  • Normal tissues
  • Treatment planning
  • Adaptation and motion management
  • New concepts
  • Clinical outcomes of radiotherapy

Deadline for abstract submission: May 20, 2021.

Abstract submitters are eligible to submit manuscripts for fast-track peer-review publication in Acta Oncologica.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: June 18, 2021.

Find more information at the registration site: