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More than 100 clinicians and researchers gathered for the retreat. Photo: Jasper Nijkamp.


For October 1st and 2nd, more than 100 clinicians and researchers from the Oncology Department of Aarhus University Hospital and the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy gathered to discuss collaboration and visions for future oncology research.

The beautiful area of Mols Bjerge National Park created the ideal surroundings for a 26-hour research retreat in windy and rainy autumn weather. The Fuglsø Oncology Research retreat gathered clinicians and researchers alike – across the field of oncology in Aarhus – to discuss and share joint collaborative projects and new ideas.

- We were happy to gather a very diverse crowd of over 100 colleagues to listen, contribute and enjoy our intense programme, says one of the organisers, DCPT associate professor, Jasper Nijkamp.

A far-reaching programme
What kind of research would you propose and initiate, if you had no limitations? What if there were no financial, physical, manpower or time constraints? One point on the agenda was moonshot ideas, where everyone was encouraged to think big and submit their greatest idea beforehand. The three best ideas were presented – and let’s just say, that the projects were aiming high.

Fuglsø 2.png

Maiken Mondrup Hjelt presenting her moonshot idea. Photo: Jasper Nijkamp.

The programme also included a session on patients in clinical trials, covering patient information, real-world/clinical evidence and integrating research into clinic with live presentations from both Sweden and Utrecht. For one final session, all participants had to draw up a project or challenge and define how AI could act as the driver to solve the clinical or scientific issue at hand.

- It was nice to see that all participants showed commitment, and actively engaged in the different workshops, Jasper Nijkamp concludes.

Recipients awarded with a ‘Jens Overgaard award’

Best presentation from 5 selected abstracts
Zixiang Wei, PhD student, the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy: Interactive deep-learning based tumour segmentation

Best poster
Sixten Harborg, PhD student, the dep. of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital: Circulating Lipids and Breast Cancer Survival in the Malmö Diet and Cancer Study

Best Moonshot idea
Maiken Mondrup Hjelt, Nutrion Consultant, dep. of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital: A new nutrition database