Professor Brita Singers Sørensen on stage at Danish Cancer Research Days, August 26. Photo: Rasmus Kerrn-Jespersen/Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Professor Brita Singers Sørensen was selected as one of seven scientists to present her biological proton FLASH research at the biggest cancer conference in Denmark.

Danish Cancer Research Days is an annual conference hosted by the Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center and Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups. The 2021 conference just took place and gathered clinicians, researchers, patient organisations and decision makers for knowledge sharing on developments within cancer research and treatment.

The abstract by Brita Singers Sørensen et al. on proton FLASH radiotherapy was chosen among 200 abstracts by a review committee to be part of a conference session highlighting current and visionary Danish research. Brita Singers Sørensen presented the biological results within Proton FLASH from the first series of experiments conducted at the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy.

- I would like to highlight that this project is truly a team effort with many participants. The project would not have been possible without laboratory technicians and animal keepers, as well as a very talented team of physicists lead by professor Per Poulsen. They have all laid the important groundwork that is the foundation for our biological experiments, Brita Singers Sørensen explained to the organisers of Danish Cancer Research Days in an interview.

Brita Singers Sørensen further highlighted the experimental research facilities at the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy:
- Though the laboratory is physically located in Aarhus, researchers from Denmark and abroad are very welcome to visit and conduct their experiments here. Actually, we regard the laboratory as a national resource, she explained.