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The Danish Society for Medical Physics (DSMF) awards Morten B. Jensen their annual 'Young Physicist' prize. He receives the award for his research in radiotherapy target definition in the aggressive brain tumour type glioblastoma.

DSMF is a Danish national scientific organisation for medical physicists. The purpose of the DSMF 'Young Physicist' award is to stimulate research and development within the field. The prize of 20.000 DKK will be awarded to Morten B. Jensen at the annual DSMF symposium June 8th.

Morten B. Jensen is a medical physicist currently employed as a PhD student within dosimetry at the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy. He receives the award for his research within radiotherapy glioblastoma target definition, advancing a model that can potentially improve the predictions of microscopic spreading and enable a more personalised radiotherapy treatment.