Apply for this PhD position that concerns new computational methods for definition of the clinical target volume (CTV) in radiotherapy.

In this project, funded by the Danish Cancer Society, different types of risk models (such as shell models, continuous spatial probability distributions, and Bayesian network models) will be explored as alternatives to the traditional CTV definition.

Techniques for including the models in optimisation of radiation dose distributions will be investigated. The project will focus on head and neck cancer as an exemplary case, with potential tests on other patient groups as well, and will be conducted using a database of images at Aarhus University Hosptial, as a retrospective study.

The project will take place in the computational medical physics research group of Professor Stine Korreman, and will be co-supervised by Chief Consultant Jesper Grau Eriksen.

Application deadline: 31 October.

Read more and apply for the position via the website of Aarhus University