The main focus of the Research Clinic for Functional Disorders and Psychosomatics is to perform thorough diagnostic assessment of patients with functional disorders including health anxiety and to offer the patients the best possible treatment consisting of different evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapies, mainly in groups. We constantly evaluate our treatments and adapt them according to clinical practice and the latest research.

The clinic has recently developed internet-based therapy, which is a very flexible one-to-one treatment method. This therapy has been tested in a study with good results and is now being implemented as one of our standard treatment offers. 

Video clips - patient statements

In the below videos, patients with health anxiety and functional disorder report on the impact that their illness had on daily life pre-treatment and in which ways treatment has helped them.  

Video on health anxiety

Video on functional disorder

Treatment manuals

Below are treatment manuals from 2 randomised controlled trials conducted at the clinic.

Acceptance & Commitment Group Therapy (ACT-G) for Severe Health Anxiety

Specialised Treatment for Severe Bodily Distress Syndromes (STreSS)

Other information

Clinical guidelines for primary care. Functional disorders

When the body says stop



Revised: 21 September 2018 by Malene Skjøth