Innovation strategy

Aarhus University Hospital focuses strategically on innovation as an important part of a joint effort to promote and develop activities within research, organisation, management and technology.

The innovation strategy is organised under three headings: 1) Aarhus University Hospital under one roof at the New University Hospital, 2) increased collaboration between Aarhus University Hospital and the business World and 3) digitalisation.

Among the ongoing projects is digital notification of patient appointments and integration of the electronic patient record and social media technology to establish a network and support culture in the organisation.

Building the New University Hospital

Currently, the New University Hospital is under construction. It will become the biggest hospital in Denmark and one of the biggest in Europe. The relocation of clinical and research departments will take place from 2014 to 2019 and all activities will be fully operational under one roof in 2020.

Innovate with us!

To realise the potential of the new facilities we need a strong focus on innovation within processes, management, leadership and technology.
We are always seeking strong and dedicated international partners to collaborate with us and we already work with private companies and hospitals around the world.

Strategic partnerships

We work closely together with MedTech Innovation Center, which is a commercial sparring partner for those businesses that develop, produce and sell products to the health care system. The objective is to assist hospitals in solving critical business problems and at the same time generate business growth and thereby ensuring that new ideas become national and international products with a market interest. Aarhus University Hospital benefit from MedTech Innovation Center’s international network and expertise in accelerating innovation partnerships with private companies and entrepreneurs.
Aarhus University Hospital is an active partner of the healthcare innovation consortium Inno-X Denmark together with Aarhus University and Central Denmark Region. Read more on