Aarhus University Hospital is appointed the best hospital in Denmark by the independent specialist newspaper on healthcare sector news ”Dagens Medicin”.

Aarhus University Hospital is appointed Denmark’s best hospital by “Dagens Medicin” in a time where beds are closed, costs are reduced and a gigantic hospital construction work is ongoing.

Aarhus University Hospital has been appointed number one in the category of highly specialised hospitals for the seventh year running. This year Odense University Hospital came in second in this category and Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen came in third.

Aarhus University Hospital is number one in 13 of the 68 examinations and treatments in the competition; the hospital receives 12 second places and nine third places.

All available data on quality of treatment and examinations at Danish hospitals have been analysed. Moreover, data on patient satisfaction and reputation of Danish hospitals according to the readership of “Dagens Medicin” have been included.
It is primarily the quality of treatments and examinations that decide which hospital is the best in Denmark; this part is weighted with 80%.

Best in the treatment of sarcomas
Aarhus University Hospital is number one in three areas for treatment of sarcomas (cancer tumours in bone, muscles and connective tissue). Aarhus University Hospital is number one in oncological treatment of sarcomas, surgical treatment of sarcomas and radiological diagnostics of sarcomas.

In the treatment of sarcomas, the hospital has for a number of years collaborated closely across specialities. Healthcare professionals from different departments collaborate to give the patient the best treatment.
Today, it is possible to offer patients with sarcomas state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, minimally invasive surgery and optimised radiotherapy.

Fierce competition
This year Aarhus University Hospital had to fight with Odense University Hospital to be appointed number one; this does not put a damper on the joy of hospital chief executive officer Gert Sørensen.

- I am truly happy and proud that we are appointed Denmark’s best hospital again, says Gert Sørensen, Chief Executive Officer at Aarhus University Hospital.
- In a time where we close beds, make things more efficient and move to new hospital facilities, it was not given that we could hold on to our position as number one.

Gert Sørensen underlines that all of the 10,000 employees at Aarhus University Hospital have contributed to the appointment as number one.
- Aarhus University Hospital wins because we together form a strong chain. We have a high level in all our functions – from cleaning staff and hospital porters to medical specialists.

Further information:
Gert Sørensen, Chief Executive Officer, Aarhus University Hospital, Tel.:+45 78 46 23 31, gertsoer@rm.dk

Revideret 09-01-2018