Three international companies have given their bid for the particle accelerator of the Danish Centre for Particle Radiotherapy

Aarhus University Hospital anticipated Monday 3 November 2014 with excitement because three international companies would hand in their bid for installing the particle accelerator at the future Danish Centre for Particle Radiotherapy at Aarhus University Hospital

The three international companies from Belgium, the United States and Japan had qualified beforehand for handing in their bid. The particle accelerator produces the radiation for particle radiotherapy – a new type of radiotherapy for treatment of patients with cancer.

Three companies have been through a prequalification and a competitive dialogue to document their ability to deliver the type of particle accelerator requested by the Danish Centre for Particle Radiotherapy.

At the turn of the year it will be announced who will be awarded the contract.

- It is three strong international companies that have handed in their bid today. We know their technology through the intensive dialogue we have had during the summer. We will buy a particle accelerator that will ensure cancer treatment of a very high quality. Moreover, the equipment will be the technological platform of the visions and development within particle therapy at the Danish Centre for Particle Radiotherapy, says Cai Grau, Professor at the Department of Oncology at Aarhus University Hospital.

It is the plan that the first patient will be treated with particle radiotherapy in three to four years.

Important milestones:

3 November 2014: The three prequalified companies to participate in the competition-based dialogue about the particle accellerator hand in their bid.

5 January 2015: The winner of the tender for the particle accellerator is announced.

January 2015: Announcement of the companies prequalified to be in charge of the construction of the Danish Centre for Particle Radiotherapy.

May 2015: Site preparation of land where the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy will be placed.

June 2015: The prequalified companies hand in their bid for construction costs.

August 2015: Announcement of the company winning the tender for construction.

October 2015: Starting the cast of the foundation.

2016: Delivery of equipment.

2017: Equipment installation and commissioning

2018: Starting patient treatment.

Further information:
Cai Grau, professor, Department of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital, Tel.: +45 29 13 59 66.