Aarhus University Hospital is voted best hospital in Danmark 2015 (photo: Kristian Bang).


The independent specialist newspaper on healthcare sector news ”Dagens Medicin” appoints Aarhus University Hospital as Denmark’s best hospital.

2015 has been challenging for Aarhus University Hospital. Tough regional budget cuts and a gigantic hospital construction work have challenged daily life at the hospital. Despite these obstacles, Aarhus University Hospital is appointed Denmark’s best hospital. The appointment is made today by the newspaper ”Dagens Medicin”.

It is the eighth year running that Aarhus University Hospital is appointed Denmark’s best. The hospital has won in the category of university hospitals, which comprises the largest hospitals in Denmark. Aarhus University Hospital is number one in this category, Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen is number two, Aalborg University Hospital is number three and Odense University Hospital is number four.

Aarhus University Hospital is number one in nine of the 64 treatments in the competition. Moreover, the hospital receives a series of second and third places.

”Dagens Medicin” has analysed all available national data on quality of treatment at the Danish hospitals. Data from a national study on patient experiences performed by the five Danish regions responsible for the running of hospitals is also included. Moreover, a reputation analysis is included where 2,500 doctors, nurses and other health professionals have evaluated the hospitals.

But it is the quality of treatments that has primarily decided which hospital is Denmark’s best. This part is weighted with 80%, while patient satisfaction and reputation are weighted with 10% each.


Best in nine treatment areas:

Aarhus University Hospital is number one in the following nine areas:

  • Geriatrics (medical treatment of elderly people)
  • Brain cancer
  • Uterus cancer
  • PCI-treatment (balloon angioplasty of the coronary arteries)
  • Three areas within cardiothorasic and vascular surgery: Combined bypass and heart valve treatment, vascular surgery and lung cancer surgery
  • Lymphoma (cancer in the lymph nodes)
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome (a group of diseases in the bone marrow which may develop into blood cancer)


Very close competition

This year’s competition to become Denmark’s best hospital has been very close and Aarhus University Hospital wins primarily because of the ability to have a high stable level in all treatment areas. Chief Executive Officer at Aarhus University Hospital Gert Sørensen is very pleased with this.

- There are no areas that fall through. Using sports terminology, I would say we have a strong, broad and homogeneous team and we are strong on all positions, says Gert Sørensen.

He points out that the honour does not solely go to the number one treatment areas. The hospital support functions are equally important.

- We also have to remember all the other things that are important to succeed: If the operation room is not properly cleaned, if the patient has not been transported to the operation room  or if the surgical equipment is not delivered in time.


Further information:

Chief Executive Officer, Gert Sørensen, Aarhus University Hospital,
Tel.: +45 78 46 23 31, mobile phone: +45 22 86 32 66, gertsoer@rm.dk