Aarhus University Hospital has strengthened efforts in paediatric heart surgery.

Aarhus University Hospital has employed two international paediatric heart surgeons.

Last winter the hospital employed Sune Johansson from Lund in Sweden. This summer Lyubomyr Bohuta from Kiev in Ukraine has joined the team.

The new surgeons are both employed full time and are able to perform any kind of paediatric heart surgery procedure.

Two international paediatric heart surgeons and a professor. Photo: Kristian Bang

Together with professor Vibeke Hjortdal, the two international surgeons constitute the team of paediatric heart surgeons at Centre for Congenital Heart Disease at Aarhus University Hospital. The Centre is strengthening its position by offering a paediatric cardiologist position in Scandinavia.

- A small country like Denmark with two centres can benefit from bringing in experience and expertise from larger centres abroad, says Vibeke Hjortdal.

At the Paediatric Heart Surgery Section at the university hospital in Lund, Sweden where Sune Johansson used to work, they operate children in an uptake area similar to the size of Denmark. At the paediatric heart centre in Kiev, Ukraine where Lyubomyr Bohuta used to work, they operate ten times as many children as in Aarhus and the results are at a very high level.

Sune has connections to Denmark and he already speaks Danish quite well.

- We help Lyubomyr in his communication with children and parents but it is necessary that he learns Danish and he has already come very far, says Vibeke Hjortdal.

Centre for Congenital Heart Disease at Aarhus University Hospital is a collaboration between specialists from Department of Paediatrics, Department of Cardiology, Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Department of Surgery and Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care as well as obstetricians specialised in foetal medicine.