Ebola virus

Ebola virus (graphics: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US).

Defence Command Denmark has decided to bring an employee home from Sierra Leone, who has worked with patients with Ebola. The employee has been exposed to a high risk event in connection with care for patients with Ebola. 

A nurse deployed by Defence Command Denmark to work with patients with Ebola in Sierra Leone has been flown home to Denmark due to risk of exposure to the Ebola virus. After a specific evaluation of the risk of infection the Danish Health and Medicines Authority has decided to recommend a 3-week quarantine period with close observation. 

In connection with her work with patients with Ebola, the nurse this Tuesday tore a hole in one of her protection gloves during routine removal of the protection suit. 

The nurse has been examined at Department of Infectious Diseases at Aarhus University Hospital. On the basis of a specific evaluation of the risk of infection, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority has decided to recommend a 3-week quarantine. The nurse is expected to be discharged from the hospital Friday and continue the quarantine in her home. 

During the quarantine she will be closely monitored with visits and control of daily measurements of temperature. Moreover, she should avoid contact with other people and should not leave the home. 

The purpose of the quarantine is to ensure fast examination and treatment if the nurse develops symptoms; moreover, to prevent a possible transmission of the virus to others. If she develops fever or other symptoms, she will be admitted to and treated in advanced isolation facilities at Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital. 

Danish Health and Medicines Authority guidelines on management of Ebola Virus Disease will be followed and there is ongoing contact between the hospital and Central Denmark Region. 

Further information: 
• Risk of transmission, quarantine and other guidelines for management of suspected transmission of Ebola Virus Disease: Søren Brostrøm, Head of Section, Danish Health and Medicines Authority, Tel.: +45 7222 8510.
• Management of quarantine and treatment of possible Ebola Virus Disease in Central Denmark Region: Lars Østergaard, Professor, Aarhus University Hospital, Tel.. +45 5151 3140 and Ole Thomsen, Head of Corporate Management, Central Denmark Region, Tel.: +45 7841 0040.
• Please contact Defence Command Denmark concerning the mission in Sierra Leone and the transportation back to Denmark at the central press services, Tel.: +45 70 200 440.