The challenge of elderly breast cancer patients is the focus of a workshop on 18-19 May at Aarhus University Hospital.

Today, patients above 70 years have a poorer survival rate when it comes to breast cancer. 

- This is because we have been cautious in the treatment of older patients. Especially cncerning chemotherapy because we are not sure they can tolerate the treatment, says Peer Christiansen, Professor at Department of Plastic and Breast Surgery, Aarhus University Hospital.

- In my point of view you cannot be too old to be treated for breast cancer; it is about optimising the treatment. Unfortunately, treatment of the older patients is an overlooked area but I hope we can help to put more focus on this.   

It is the fifth year running Aarhus University Hospital hosts a workshop on breast cancer surgery. One of the main speakers this year is Riccardio Audisio, Consultant Surgical Oncologist at St. Helens Teaching Hospital in United Kingdom. As president of ESSO (European Society of Surgical Oncology) he has been focusing on breast cancer and the elderly patients for many years. 

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