Photo: Cdc.gov

A Danish tourist who has been travelling in South and Central America has been diagnosed with zika virus after returning to Denmark.

Tuesdag evening a Dane was diagnosed with zika virus at Aarhus University Hospital. This is the first patient diagnosed with this virus in Denmark. Zika virus causes influenza-like symptoms but the virus is also suspected of causing foetal damage. Currently, there is a large outbreak of zika virus in South and Central America.

After returning to Denmark, the patient experienced fever, headache and joint pain. When examined on Tuesday night it turned out the patient was infected with the zika virus. The patient’s condition is good and he continues treatment as an outpatient at Aarhus University Hospital.

Zika virus is contracted by Aedes species mosquito bite. This mosquito does not live in Denmark and there is therefore no risk of an outbreak of zika virus in Denmark. There have been reports on transmission of infection from mother to child in pregnancy or in connection with the actual delivery; there has been one single case of sexual transmission of the disease.

Further information:

Lars Østergaard, Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, +45  5151 3140