Poul Blaabjerg, CEO of Aarhus University Hospital, took a tour around the hospital to deliver candy boxes to the winning departments (photo: Michael Harder, Aarhus University Hospital).


Aarhus University Hospital has now been appointed Denmark’s best hospital for a decade by the independent specialist newspaper on healthcare sector news ”Dagens Medicin”.

For the tenth year running, Aarhus University Hospital is Denmark’s best hospital. Today, the independent specialist newspaper on healthcare sector news ”Dagens Medicin” has appointed Aarhus University Hospital as the best in their competition to become Denmark’s best hospital.

Aarhus University Hospital won the category for university hospitals, consisting of the largest hospitals in Denmark. Aarhus University Hospital wins this category, Odense University Hospital comes in second, Aalborg University Hospital is number three and Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen is number four.

Chairman of the Regional Council Bent Hansen (the Social Democratic Party) is impressed that Aarhus University Hospital can maintain the high standard.

- It is difficult to reach the top but even harder to stay there; Aarhus University Hospital has managed this, says Bent Hansen.

-Aarhus University Hospital has a constant focus on research, development and improvement. The hospital is a part of the wider healthcare system, a system where the hospital being a university hospitals must carry the biggest burdens and handle the most complex task at the same time delivering the highest quality. Aarhus University Hospital has managed these tasks in the very best way.

Quality of treatment is the most important
Aarhus University Hospital is number one in 11 of the 68 treatments and examinations which are a part of the competition. Moreover, the hospital has received a number of second and third places.

”Dagens Medicin” has analysed all accessible data on quality of treatment at the Danish hospitals. Data from a Danish national survey on patient experiences are also included. In this survey patients are asked to report how satisfied they were with their hospital visit.

The most important aspect when deciding about the best hospital in Denmark is the quality of treatment; this is weighted with 90% while patient satisfaction is weighted with 10%.

Best in 11 treatments
Aarhus University Hospital came in as number one in the following 11 treatment areas:

• Bleeding ulcer
• Pancreatic cancer (surgery)
• Renal transplantation
• Transient ischaemic attack (TCI)
• Femur fracture close to the hip
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Prostate cancer (surgery)
• Bladder cancer (urine - surgery)
• Abdominal aortic aneurysm (outpouching of the aorta in the abdomen)
• Heart valve surgery and simultaneous by-pass surgery
• Lung cancer (surgery)

Aarhus University Hospital wins because of the ability to maintain a stable and high level in all treatment areas.

This is a victory for the staff
Poul Blaabjerg, CEO at Aarhus University Hospital, is very satisfied that the hospital has succesfully obtained the title as Denmark’s best for the tenth year running.

- It is a fantastic accomplishment. We have shown that we can maintain a very high standard in patient treatment year after year, says Poul Blaabjerg.

- The little more than 10,000 employees have created this results and through their professionalism and commitment, they have made this possible.

Further information:
• Bent Hansen, Chairman of the Regional Council, Central Denmark Region, Tel. +45 40 31 37 07
• Poul Blaabjerg, CEO, Aarhus University Hospital,
Tel.: +45 78 45 05 00, mobile phone: +45 51 31 35 06, e-mail: poul.blaabjerg@rm.dk
• Contact information on all members of the Regional Council in Central Denmark Region can be found at http://www.rm.dk/politik/regionsradsmedlemmer/rødtekst